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Wallpaper removal

Wallpaper Removal

Do you want to remove outdated wallpaper in your home or commercial space? At Wall Repair, we professional wallpaper removal services for all areas of the Mornington Peninsula.

Whether you have a large commercial project or are a homeowner wanting to update with a new look, you can count on our friendly, reliable and dedicated team.

Wall Repair is committed to restoring walls to their absolute best.

Our professional team has the experience and knowledge to remove wallpaper with the least amount of fuss. Not only do we remove all types of wallpaper but also we do it using the most efficient method.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • The identification of the most effective removal method.
  • Our team of experts efficiently removing the wallpaper.
  • Use of steamer(s) to remove paper while preserving the walls.
  • Finally, the thorough cleaning of walls to remove all traces of paper and adhesive.

Whether you plan to paint, tile, or update your wallpaper, removing the old wallpaper is the first essential step to revitalise the rooms of your home or office.

Contact Alex today to chat about how we can help with your wallpaper removal project.

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Plaster repair - preparation for painting

Wall Repair and Painting Preparation

After wallpaper is removed imperfection in walls can be revealed. Common imperfections include broken plaster, cracks, water damage and even mold. To remedy this, we offer a Wall Repair for Painting Preparation service.

Wall Repair for Painting Preparation is a professional service that removes all cracks and defects in walls. Our Wall Repair Experts use plastering techniques to restore walls, thus providing a flawless, smooth finish.

Above all, the restoration leaves your walls in top condition as well as a clear “canvas” for painting.

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